Tradition from the Orient.

Only with Sauna eccess.
Offer Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.
starting from € 44.00
Classic washing ritual At the beginning, the body is exfoliated with a Kese glove and black soap and freed from excess skin cells. This is followed by a traditional soap foam massage with the cleansing effect of olive soap. Here the body is wrapped in a cloud of olive soap foam and washed. Afterwards, a skin care product is applied, which stimulates cell renewal and moisturizes the skin. Your benefit: The blood circulation of the skin and the connective tissue are stimulated; deep cleansing of the body and increased well-being.
60 Min
€ 89.00
Cleansing and mobilizing sports massage The body is cleansed of excess skin cells with a traditional body cleansing. The cleansing helps to stimulate the circulation. The warmed-up body is now well prepared for release of muscle tension and the lasting relief of pain by a mobilising sports massage. This treatment is adapted to the individual needs of the guest. Your benefit: For all those who suffer from muscle tension or joint pain; the combination of a Hammam treatment and a sports massage sustainably relieves pain and increases well-being.
starting from € 98.00
A fragrance experience of ginger and green tea To cleanse the skin, the body is pre-treated with a sea salt scrub. Cleansing removes excess skin particles and prepares the body for a traditional soap foam massage. Finally, the skin is nourished with a delicately scented beauty oil, which moisturizes the skin and leaves it supple and silky soft. Your benefit: Sea salt peeling cleanses effectively and renews the skin structure; your body feels clean and the skin is revitalized.
60 Min
€ 99.00
Ayurveda meets Hammam During this treatment the oriental scents of Ayurveda are unfolded: vanilla, patchouli and amber. A delicate body scrub made of apricot kernels and almond shells removes dead cells, refines and renews the skin. Body cleansing is followed by a traditional soap foam massage. Finally, the body is pampered with the fragrance of Ayurveda in the form of fine oil and the skin is cared for. Your benefit: Fine Ayurvedic fragrances are developed while cleansing the body in combination with a traditional soap foam massage.
60 Min
€ 99.00
Purify & detoxify with the power of seaweed For the detoxifying seaweed pack, the body is first freed from excess skin cells with a Kese treatment. The application and rubbing in of the seaweed pack immediately unfolds the pleasant effect of the algae. The seaweed wrap is removed by washing the body, followed by a soapy foam massage. To ensure that the skin is cared for in the long term, beauty oil is applied which is absorbed deep into the skin and makes it feel soft and velvety. Your benefit: This oriental beauty ritual is suitable for guests who wish to cleanse and detoxify their body.
80 Min
€ 119.00
Kese & Rasoul This soothing bathing ceremony begins with body cleansing by using a Kese glove. Dead skin cells are removed and skin renewal is stimulated. The body is then rubbed with a mineral-rich mud from lava clay. After a short application time of Rasoul, the body is washed clean and freed from the mud. The skin is now strongly toned and is optimally prepared for a subsequent massage with a pleasant fragrance and lasting hydration. Your benefit: Deep cleansing with skin care for the whole body according to traditional oriental bathing ceremonies.
80 Min
€ 125.00